Some Reflection and a Request

We are in the final stretch now with this blog. After this post it will be over two-thirds done, and each writer will only have three posts each. Right around now may be the best opportunities to reflect on this experiment; I have learned some from what we have been doing, and I have some ideas, but at the same time I have a request.

The very first point that needs to be made is that for the most part we are writing blind. We are new enough and small enough that we get few, if any, comments. We can see how many people visit our blog, but that’s about it. We can’t see if the reason one post had significantly higher views than another is because it was better, or if it went out at a good time of day, or if the title and picture just happened to make people want to read it.

That being said, we want your help. We are trying to learn as we go, but there is only so much we can do before the project ends. We are trying to do our best to reach outside of our boundaries and outside ourselves while at the same time making a blog that people want to read. We can do our best, but like I said, we are writing blind.

This is where you can help. You can tell us what we can’t find out ourselves. Please, comment on posts, let us know what works and what doesn’t, tell us if anything has made an impact. We are trying to learn as we go, and even a one sentence comment could help us.


3 thoughts on “Some Reflection and a Request

  1. If you visit and comment on other people’s blogs, some will visit yours, and that will increase both readers and comments. It’s a reciprocal relationship. You have to reach out first when you begin blogging. It takes awhile (months or years even), sometimes, but somehow the more followers you have, the more you acquire. (K)

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