Well… I Guess We’re Done Now

About six weeks ago I and the others in my class started writing for this blog. Over that time, we were each supposed to work in smaller teams and write around twice a week in various broad categories focused on stepping out past our comfort zones. That ends now. The class will be over soon. We’ve been reflecting as a group on what we did well and what we would change. Our lasts posts are written and will be coming out over the next day or two. And I’m just sitting here wondering, what now?

My group was called Intellectual Formation, and we focused on understanding and writing about how and why people think differently. That is a broad topic, and I think that we all managed to learn something along the way, and hopefully we managed to make sense of it for you here on this blog. I think I have a better sense of why people are who they are, and part of that was this blog making me reflect on it.

From the beginning I have felt a little guilty knowing that we are trying to build an audience only to abandon them once the class ends. Part of that is the fact that we set this blog out as a journey that we invited you to take alongside us, and just because we aren’t writing about it doesn’t mean that the journey is done. It won’t be done as long as there are still differences between people, and I don’t see that changing soon.

I encourage you to follow some of the other writers here. There are a lot of very talented and passionate people in this class, and I hope that they all keep blogging even after final exam.

The journey isn’t over. There’s always more to learn.


6 thoughts on “Well… I Guess We’re Done Now

  1. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful words. As many of your writers pointed out, it’s important to listen and explore other ideas, places, and points of view. I enjoyed sharing parts of your journey. And thanks to Kirk for sharing the link that brought me here.

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      1. Kerfe–thanks for that. These final posts are really showing me neat things about our class project and each participant. These folks are indeed full of enthusiasm and curiosity, plus a fair amount of boldness.

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