Take Five Seconds and Breathe

There is a difference between an argument and a conversation. Conversation can be pleasant and stimulating, even if the people involved disagree about what they are talking about. Arguments tend not to be pleasant and are only stimulating in the sense that you may make you want to rip your hair out. Additionally, conversations can easily turn into arguments, but the same cannot be said in reverse.

The fact of the matter is that when a conversation comes to a disagreement emotion can take control. Frustration and even anger are natural byproducts of an argument. They are the radioactive waste of the argument’s breakdown. They can be toxic, damaging, and need to be handled with care. The trick to dealing with the waste comes from knowing when to just take five seconds to breathe.

Sometimes a conversation is getting nowhere, it just circles around the same few points without any change in the actual ideas expressed. When it comes to this point there is nothing wrong in stepping away. Even if you are talking about the most important things you can imagine, it’s still okay to just taking a step back. If the conversation is turning to an argument, then it is better to steer clear than to wander into the muck.

Conversation can be rewarding and give you better insights into other people’s thoughts and beliefs. Arguments produce toxic waste and generally do nothing more than leave you with fallout.


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