#1 Priorities

God is growing a sense of wonder in me…

about the mosque, Muslims, and the religion. I am curious to see their faith in action at the mosque and I hope to show them my faith.

I want to show them I can relate to them and that they are really loved, and that God is super jealous for them. It makes me so excited to think that God is going to use me for his glory.

I am fearful of many things, especially being different.  I do not want to start a fight. The comparison to being from a college where generally everyone is a Christian and going to a place where everyone is Muslim will be great and eye opening. I do not want to be naïve. I am from a town of approximately 6,000, where there are no Muslims, or at least none that practicing. I will be the only person who is a Christian in the mosque. 

I want to ask good questions and learn. I am scared of being cocked and loaded to shatter their beliefs. God has been showing me that relationships are important and necessary when talking to people about life changing items like religion because you need to be open and honest.  

I need to realize my bias and be open to changing my perspective and opinion. First, I need to be honest with myself and be ready to change. At the Mosque I will look different and standout and it will be uncomfortable and scary.

Humans have a mentality to judge first. Personally, I want to stop this about myself. A judgement first mentality might be the way the Muslims at the Mosque react to me and this is also scary. I do not want to start a fight or be offensive to anyone, but sometimes change isn’t easy. It could be painful.


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