Following Through

A few days ago, I wrote a post for this blog called “Don’t Talk, Just Listen”. In it asked that we all try to find someone who we disagree with, particularly on a subject that matters, and to just hear what they have to say. I said that I would do it too, and today I am following through.

I decided I would want to listen to someone close to me, so I went with my mom. I went back home for the weekend, and so I was sitting in the car with her for two and a half hours on the way home when I decided that now would be a good time.

I asked her a bit about her political beliefs, which I have come to disagree with; and what she thinks about certain theological ideas, many of which I don’t know if I disagree with. It was hard at points. There were moments where I wanted to defend my point, or to explain why her argument didn’t work. But had I done that we would have both just put each other on the defensive. We wouldn’t have actually communicated anything. We would have only listened to hear points that we could shoot down. We would have been talking without listening.


One thought on “Following Through

  1. Way to go, John Aase: you did it! I appreciate how you throttled back your desire to jump in and disagree. I’d love to hear more about how that conversation turned out and what happened next. Was it reciprocated? Did she want to know what you thought? No guarantees of reciprocality, of course. But way reach out!


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