Another Argument and Another Lesson Learned

Last night I got into a debate with another friend. I say it was a debate and not an argument because it never really got heated. I was never angry with him; he was never angry with me. Exasperated yes, but never angry. We talked for hours about science, GMO’s, and whether the blood moon could reliably be used as a sign of the end times. By the end of the night I was exhausted. Neither of us had budged an inch in our beliefs. If anything, we had both become more confident that we were right.

This afternoon I saw my friend again. We talked about the previous night, brought up a few more points that we had thought of since then, and then we went our separate ways. Neither of us holds any ill will toward the other for not accepting their argument, and both of us left the room agreeing that this would not spell the end of our friendship. While neither of us convinced the other to change their view, both us have come to understand the other’s points and thoughts on the matter better. I can look at what he is saying and be able to explain it back to him in a way he will accept. We might not fully understand what the other is saying (Of course not, if he did he would believe me and my obviously flawless argument), but we are getting closer.

We likely will come back to this debate, and likely again after that. In fact, we may never be able to change the others mind, but we can continue to argue and debate without anger because we start at a position of mutual respect. I believe my friend is a wonderful and intelligent person, who just happens to be wrong on a few counts, and I’m sure he feels the same way toward me.



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