Who Aren’t You Letting Inside Your Bubble?

Stepping outside is hard. No one can deny that it is easier for us as people to stay within the bubbles that we build for ourselves. Some people’s bubbles may be bigger, or have more diversity within them, but they are bubbles just the same. As people we crave inclusion and to be part of something, but part of that desire to be on the inside of something is an unconscious response to keep others on the outside. Just as much as we can want to stay safe within our comfort zone we also tend to try to push others out of it, to keep them from coming in and making changes.

That having been said, it is important to look closely and see who are the people that we avoid. So often it can be unconscious so that, at least for me, I need to open my eyes and look. It is so easy to be blind to the fact that you’ve turned a blind eye, that there may be individuals, groups, or even broad categories of people that you avoid, maybe without even realizing it. If you are interested in going outside your boundaries, then you need to ask yourself who am I not letting inside them.

One thought on “Who Aren’t You Letting Inside Your Bubble?

  1. Yes but I wish you had answered this for us. Who are you keeping out–who is John not seeing? We don’t want to name names, but I can think of people I am just starting to see. I’m just starting to see fast food cashiers as people. I’m just starting to see even family members as people rather than a role. I wonder if this is a lifelong process. I’ll confess to stereotypes about hijab-wearing women, but now I’ve had several such people in classes and as friends and as relatives and they have such great stories to tell. Also–I can’t help but think this is less about bringing people into our bubble as bursting out entirely, if only for a moment.

    Tell us who you aren’t seeing.


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