How about that Silence?

How would our world be different if we listened instead of talking first?

God has been bringing to my attention the fact that no matter how much we hurt each other we all need him and we all need his actions on the cross, and in that way, we are all equal. Sometimes making changes in our mind and shifting our perspective is the first place to start creating unity and break down religious barriers. We cannot change anyone, that’s God’s job, but we can ask for God’s help to change us. How we look at the world affects our thoughts and then our actions. The end goal is to break out of our comfort zone but starting with getting our hearts and mind in tune with God is the key to fully creating unity. As humans we tend to judge first and then act out of that judgement, and we tend to want to talk first and shut our hearts to what other people have to say. If we would listen to each other we would find that there is one difference between religions. Christians have the love of Christ, but his love doesn’t stop there, his love is for everyone. Personally, in my life this looks like honesty with God and myself about my biases and ask God to erase them. I want to be able to have a fully honest conversation and be able to listen to others about what they believe. Again, what people think and believe shape them and their actions. You can begin to create a conversation and a relationship. God will open conversations and opportunities when we are honest and humble. He will help us be example, and leave people wondering why we love the way we do.



One thought on “How about that Silence?

  1. Really good point: honesty with God begets honesty with others. Or it could. Maybe honesty works like a two-way highway: start talking to God honestly and end up talking with your friend honestly. And vice versa.


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