Unity Between Religions: Islam and Christianity

Christians and Muslims have been holding tension almost since the beginning of time. Muslims believe that Ishmael was the child that Father Abraham sacrificed. We began to see many quarrels from that point on. (http://www.islamicawareness.org/Quran/Contrad/MusTrad/sacrifice.html) In the crusades of the middle-ages Christians went and obliterated Muslim’s Mosques. We hold places of worship and other historical sites in common, and we have consistently fought each other for their ownership. Christianity has been known as a western religion and Western civilization has used force to impart their way of life many times in history, including their religion. Many incidents of violence and discontentment have occurred in our past. It is unfortunate that many Christians are not educated in the Islamic religion. Both religion share many similarities. The Muslim people already know and share part of our history, yet we are ignorant to our connections. Knowing that we have shared parts of history should bring us pexels-photo-208315.jpegtogether, not divide us. We need to open a conversation to start healing. As Christians our goal is to love everyone, and Jesus was our example. For Muslims, Allah speaks about love as well. Anger and pain should not be the main emotion we react out of. We need to ignore all stereotypes of both religions. Forgiveness for the pain and wreckage needs to happen. All the regrets must be left in the past because the world is too damaged to handle without each other’s support. We do not need to believe the e same things to peacefully exist. We can be around each other without having arguments about our beliefs. It will be able to have an honest conversation if we build relationships first.



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