Music is Passion. And Passion is Human.


Welcome to anyone who happens to be reading this!  I’m Jonah, and I’m a professional writing major at a university in the Twin Cities.  I’m writing this blog to learn more about how culture affects music, and the other way around.  How do people choose to categorize and group themselves?  Some by their religion, sports team, or the clothes they wear.  And some by music.

The Most Human Thing

Music.  Almost nothing can bring people together like music.  It’s passion.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most human things about being human.  And definitely one of the most fun.  Every culture in the world has its preferences in music, and in the world of today, practically infinite genres are all at our fingertips.  Is there any better way to explore the differences in the way different cultures think and feel?

It’s easy to take the internet of this age for granted; most of us only listen to a few genres or bands, and we’re content to listen to what we’re comfortable with.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But there’s an opportunity here that’s easy to miss.


Let’s Take That Opportunity

My aim here will be to explore different subcultures of music and people’s feelings toward them.  People get very personally and emotionally involved, whether they’re hating or loving the specific band or genre.  For example, why do so many people hate Nickelback?  Or Country music?  Why do so many adolescents feel that they have been born in the wrong generation?  What makes music funny, and what makes certain songs enjoyable ironically?

Music embodies emotion, whether it be love, hatred, sadness, or insanity.  There’s so much passion involved, and that’s why I love it!  Across the cultures, people and their emotions differ along with the music, each expressing their own frustrations and insights to life.  I hope to grow in my own cultural knowledge throughout the course of this blog, and to be able to show God’s love through it all.  And to have fun doing it.

Until next time!


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